SR 24: Gateway Freeway between SR 202L and Ellsworth Road

Chandler, AZ


Premier prepared the plans, specifications and estimates for the new Ray Road Overpass Bridge, approximately 45,000 square feet of new retaining walls, and four new box culverts.  The Ray Road Overpass Bridge was a two-span prestressed concrete AASHTO girder bridge, is approximately 247 feet long and 161 feet wide, and carries 7 lanes of traffic and 2 future HOV lanes over eastbound and westbound Ray Road. The bridge was designed to be easily constructible without impacting the existing traffic on Ray Road. The retaining walls are ADOT standard cast-in-place walls on spread footings, and were designed with rustication to match the aesthetic theme of the project.  Four new box culverts were designed to convey on-site and off-site runoff to several new retention basins and to existing drainage channels.  Custom cast-in-place transitions walls were designed at three of the box culverts to provide a transition from the open trapezoidal channels to the vertical walls of the box culverts.