Santa Rita Church

The Church of Jesus Christ of Later-Day Saints | Mesa, AZ

Land Development

Premier provided survey and civil engineering services for a new church facility located north of Elliot Road along the west side of Signal Butte Road. Proposed improvements to the approximately 4.4-acre site included construction of a 24,000 square-foot church facility, associated parking, sidewalks, hardscape, landscape, drainage facilities, storm-drain pipe and water and sewer service.

Survey services included a topographic survey. Civil engineering services included preparing construction documents including grading and drainage, horizontal control and paving, paving, and water and sewer plans for on-site improvements. In addition, scope included waterline extension and sewer line extension plans for off-site improvements to Signal Butte Road. We also prepared the final drainage report which included an analysis of the off-site runoff contributing to the project site as well as on-site retention requirements. Post-design services included review of Requests for Information (RFIs), submittals and shop drawings, as well as construction observation visits and reports during the construction phase of the project.