Ina Road Bridge over the Santa Cruz River

Tucson, AZ


Premier provided additional geotechnical exploration services for design and construction after bridge design had been completed and featured eight piers and two abutments for each bridge structure. Past geotechnical investigation completed only six exploratory borings; ADOT/AASHTO requirements and additional subsurface exploration required at least four more borings. Premier’s primary responsibility was to compare subsurface conditions presented in the 2003 Foundation Report with the subsurface conditions gathered from the new four borings. This determination would indicate whether the already completed foundation design would accommodate the difference, if any, in subsurface conditions. With a potential presence of water table within the drilling depth, Premier was required to obtain a permit from the Arizona Department of Water Resources (ADWR) prior to drilling.

My personal thanks for a job well orchestrated…Premier’s advance involvement with the personnel at ADOT’s Bridge Section has postured the Town in a most advantageous position relative to securing potential funding for the new bridges over the Santa Cruz River.