Sun Devil Stadium Renovation

Arizona State University | Tempe, AZ


Premier’s work included geotechnical investigation and surveying and mapping services. This improvement project consists of multiple structural and operational enhancements, and included replacing existing structures and adding others, including new foundations, utilities, pavements, slabs, retaining walls, and miscellaneous ancillary features. Due to the proximity of the Tempe Buttes, some structural features were established on bedrock and others were supported by past fill or stabilized past fill materials. The fill materials at the site included silty sand with gravels, mixtures of sand and blasted rock pieces, landfill materials (mostly construction debris), and shallow bedrocks. Our geotechnical scope of work consisted of field exploration with borings and geophysical surveys, field and laboratory testing, geotechnical analysis to determine subsurface conditions, and recommendations for design and construction of the foundations for stadium structures, pavements, slabs, retaining walls, and utilities.