AAA Industrial Park Drainage Improvements

Sedona, AZ

Drainage/Flood Control

This project’s scope consisted of drainage, civil, structural, and geotechnical engineering; land survey services; environmental clearances; and extensive coordination with stakeholders, which included US Forest Service (USFS), Yavapai County Flood Control District (YCFCD), utility companies, and business/ property owners. The team’s challenge was recognized early: build a small enough drainage structure to fit within the limited acquired easement but large enough to convey the peak design flow, maintain or reduce the outlet velocity, improve maintenance, construct within an active industrial park, and minimize costly rock excavation. Premier used a three-step alternative analysis and design workshop to arrive at the preferred alternative during the very short pre-design phase. Customized slope tapered inlet and outlet structures were proposed, vigorously evaluated, and selected for the final design. The recommended alternative included a 350-foot long, 3-barrel customized box culvert, and a customized apron and inlet directs sediment and debris to the depressed center box, which reduces periodic cleanup maintenance.