80th Street Waterline

Mesa, AZ


As part of the City’s water/wastewater on-call contract, Premier designed 1,548 feet of 12-inch; 2,913 feet of 8-inch; and 119 feet of 6-inch ductile iron pipe waterlines in 80th Street and 81st Lane between University Drive and Main Street. These system improvements allowed for the abandonment of the existing 6-inch waterline in the adjacent alley and required relocation of over 70 service and plumbing (customer side of the meter) connections. Improvements also included additional fire hydrants and valves to bring the system up to current City code.

Public relations were a key component due to the project’s location and impact on the community. We provided technical assistance, which included development of detailed, individual, lot exhibits showing all demolition and new construction work needed to relocate water service connections from the alleyway to the street. These exhibits were used by the City in their one-on-one conversations with the affected homeowners.

The City used the job order contracting delivery method for this waterline project. Premier reviewed the plans with the contractor, which were revised to incorporate contractor suggestions regarding constructability and sequencing. As the project moved into construction, the entire project team met several times to review and discuss the procedures and methods for removing the existing services and reconnecting to the new waterline. In some challenging locations, these meetings were conducted with individual property owners in the field, so they could better understand the work being performed.