We’re a Professional Family

We focus on serving clients, and practicing our craft brings each of us great joy and satisfaction.

We know how to have fun, too, and enjoy working and learning together. We find moments to celebrate project success, and make sure to celebrate birthdays, big events, and holidays.

Family Friendly Environment

We have created an environment where our employees’ families feel accepted and are welcomed. Whether celebrating at the annual holiday party, or adopting a family in need at Christmas, events at Premier are always a family affair. Premier’s family-friendly culture and the resulting co-worker relationships provide a happy work environment and high level of job satisfaction.

Commitment to Quality

Premier’s commitment to quality comes from the top. This non-negotiable objective is emphasized and practiced at every level of the organization. Our long-term commitment to quality has resulted in superior employee morale and excellent client satisfaction. Quality is just not another buzzword at Premier.

Awesome Coworkers and Great Opportunities

Our employees appreciate the collaborative and fulfilling work environment where they enjoy opportunities for advancement and value positive encouragement from management. If this sounds like a good fit– where you would thrive in such a work environment– we would love to hear from you.

Premier is always on the lookout for highly motivated and skilled professionals to join our team.

To apply, please download the application and email to


Premier Engineering Corporation is an affirmative action, equal opportunity employer.

For all Human Resources related inquiries, please contact (480) 829-6000.