Taxiway A Recontruction Design Services

Sky Harbor International Airport | Phoenix, AZ


Topographic survey mapping was performed prior to 2006 and was used as the basis for the design of this taxiway reconstruction project underway in 2011. Given the 5-year time lapse, the project design team wished to verify and update the existing maps to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the data. Premier was tasked with providing additional survey support, which included verifying select digital terrain model 3D positions, spot elevations, cross-sections, and updated supplemental topo in areas of recent construction.

Additionally, we established geodetic control for the airport based on revised published data that conforms to current airport requirements for horizontal and vertical datums (as specified in the Airport GIS Implementation Project – May 2006).  This work included measurement ties to the previous survey control points and current published airport geodetic control monuments. The scope included analysis and comparison of the two datasets and the differing datums so that datum conversion procedures (such as “benchmark equations”) were developed to bring the project’s base data up to current standards.