Fort Huachuca Blast Analysis

Child Development Centers | AZ


Premier’s scope of work included conducting a blast analysis for two child development centers. In response to an AT-FP vulnerability assessment, the installation wanted to assess facility structural integrity against design basis threats in accordance with UFC4-010-01, 4-010-02, and 4-010-03. Additionally, we assessed and developed options for strengthening the building envelope to improve protection for building occupants.

Premier performed blast analyses for two separate buildings located within the secure perimeter of the installation. Design parameters consisted of two different Net Explosive Weights (NEW), with a stand-off distance specified by the government for each blast load. Based on the preliminary analysis results, we provided two programming and design alternatives for retrofit of the building envelopes, including structural retrofits, glazing, and roof improvements to strengthen against blast overpressures and provide fragmentation protection. Additionally, scope included conceptual drawings and a matrix of costs and benefits.

Services included topographic surveying, blast analysis, cost estimating, and report preparation. We maintained extensive coordination with representatives from the Post Department of Public Works, U.S. Army Installation Management Command, and the USACE Protective Design Center. Premier’s staff conducted project reviews and back-checks in DR Checks, resulting in smooth design coordination and quality assurance with the government.