Deer Valley Road Bridge

At New River | Peoria/Glendale, AZ


Premier prepared the design concept report and plans, specifications and estimates to widen Deer Valley Road from approximately 79th Avenue to 83rd Avenue. Various alternatives were evaluated for an “all-weather” crossing at this existing dip crossing. A three-span AASHTO girder bridge with an upstream drop structure was recommended and completed for final design. Precast, prestressed AASHTO girders were used for the superstructure, and abutments and piers were supported by drilled shafts. A paved multi-use path and an unpaved equestrian trail were accommodated under the structure. Environmental permits included a Section 404 clearance.

Roadway improvements widened Deer Valley Road from a two-lane to a five-lane road including a continuous two-way left-turn median from 79th to 75th Avenue, and were also completed on the west half of 75th Avenue to provide dual right-turn lanes at the intersection. The storm drain system was designed for the 10-year storm event, with side channels and culverts on the upstream side of the structure designed to convey the 100-year event. A low profile was maintained on the roadway vertical alignment, and required construction of a grade control drop structure approximately 180 feet upstream of the bridge. The drop structure was constructed of roller-compacted concrete, and channel banks were stabilized with soil cement and designed for the 100-year peak discharge.

The project also included intersection and detour design, box culvert extensions, multi-use path layout and design, utility relocation design, and scour evaluation.

All of this happened because the quality of the project plans and specifications were an example of high quality and professional excellence, and because your staff often provided many unanticipated services on a very short notice.