Cactus Road and Litchfield Road Roadway Improvements Design Services

Peoria, AZ


Premier prepared the plans, specifications and estimates for design and construction of 7,200 linear feet of half-street improvements along Litchfield Road, between Desert Cove Road and Cactus Road, and between Litchfield Road and the Burlington Northern Santa Fe railroad. The objective of these projects was to provide full arterial roadway improvements in the northbound and eastbound directions along Litchfield and Cactus, respectively. The proposed improvements included two 12-foot travel lanes and a five-foot bike lane along Litchfield Road; three 12-foot travel lanes along Cactus Road; six-inch vertical curb and gutter; six-foot-wide, detached sidewalks separated from the curb by an eight-foot planter area along Litchfield Road; six-foot-wide, detached sidewalks separated from the curb by a 10-foot planter area along Cactus Road; seventeen-foot-wide raised, landscaped median along Litchfield Road; twelve-foot-wide raised, landscaped median along Cactus Road; Median cuts and left turn bays to facilitate access to adjacent properties; Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and other pedestrian improvements; retention basins to collect storm water runoff; streetlights; and signage and striping improvements.

Utility relocation and coordination were also significant portions due to the close proximity of several public and private facilities. The City’s South Water Reclamation Facility and Rancho Gabriela Water Supply Facility form the western and southern boundaries of the project. Both facilities have several large diameter water, sewer and reclaimed waterlines entering and leaving the site at various points throughout the project. Each line needed to be identified on the plans and protected throughout construction. In addition, APS had to relocate several large metal power poles to accommodate the Cactus Road improvements. Close coordination was required to maintain the project schedule.

Premier’s complete scope of design services included topographic field survey, geotechnical field and laboratory analysis, roadway and drainage design, data collection, preparation of base files, utility coordination, and Flood Control District of Maricopa County (FCDMC) and BNSF review and permitting.

Premier was very responsive to owner needs, budget, and timelines.