Bullard Avenue Widening

Paradise Lane to Bell Road | Surprise, AZ


Bullard Avenue is a minor arterial street providing access to City of Surprise sports and recreational facilities, and the library and City Hall are located at the intersection of Bullard Avenue and Paradise Lane. Anticipating a high traffic volume, the city widened Bullard Avenue to comply with its ultimate typical section from its existing single lane configuration.

Premier completed plans, specifications and estimates for construction of roadway improvements , which included widening the existing roadway to the east, curb and gutter, linear retention basin/inlets for roadway drainage runoff, raised median, detached sidewalks, reclaimed waterline extension, Intelligent Transportation System conduits, and traffic signal modifications at Bell Road.

We also performed street lighting, on-site pavement drainage analysis, and prepared both initial and final drainage reports, which included hydrological analysis of the runoffs generated within the roadway right-of-way, and hydraulic analysis of pavement drainage, sizing of inlets, and design of a linear retention basin adjacent to the roadway.